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Stapleford_KS_Oct13_277The Location: Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate

Stapleford_KS_Oct13_282The Brief: A long standing and respected client of mine was holding a shoot at Stapleford for a select few of his closest business associates. He wanted to treat them to some great shooting and for me to present them each with a bespoke photobook for them to keep as a memento of their day. 8 guns, 12 books in all were required.

Fieldsports Photography PricesThis called for my new product – The Syndicate Book. Not the photographic, fold flat pages of the Deluxe or Premium books, but top quality digitally printed books that I am sure will be looked at and enjoyed over and over again. Importantly, for this brief, they represent excellent value for a large set of books.

Stapleford_KS_Oct13_075What started as a cold October morning became increasingly mild through the day, to the point where much of the shooting “garb” was being removed in favour of shirt sleeves and pullovers. The shooting laid on by keeper Scott Shuckford was exceptional, good numbers driven efficiently to the waiting guns. The beating and the shooting were so good that the bag was filling quickly, so my challenge was to cover as much of the action as possible, carefully selecting the pegs I covered to make sure that all of the guns would feature strongly in the finished book.

Stapleford_KS_Oct13_008All in all a cracking day, great results and a fantastic set of books to present afterwards.

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