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I am very pleased to introduce a new product to my line-up – the Syndicate Pack.

Syndicate PhotobooksMy Premium and Deluxe books are stunning products, but I was aware that for anybody requiring a collection of books, let’s say for a group of guns, a syndicate or even for a group of hard working beaters, they did not necessarily offer the best value as bulk-buy books. I needed a more cost-effective solution that still offered the quality that I demand.

_1JF8593It took me a while, lot’s of searching and research, but I have now found a solution to this problem. I have called it the “Syndicate Pack” but I see it being useful for not only syndicates, but for groups of corporate clients, teams of guns, scurry teams and perhaps for Beater’s Shoots at the end of the season. They are digitally printed, conventionally bound, unlike the photographic fold-flat pages of the more premium products, but they still represent very good quality and importantly exceptional value for money.

Contact me NOW to book your place for this season … and to find out what it all costs, see my Price List

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