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11th May 2014, Glooston, Leicestershire.


It’s come around again, and I am very glad to be attending the GWCT Northamptonshire Simulated Game day at Glooston in Leicestershire. This year it has been called the International Clay Shoot Challenge with the introduction of a wild boar target – which quite frankly I can’t wait to see!!

I will be taking my gun along just in case I get the opportunity, but I will be mainly shooting from behind a camera on the day. I will be setting up a stand there as usual to display some of my bespoke game shoot photographic products, and I look forward to chatting with as many shooters as I can for feedback.

Watch this blog for a report after the event and CLICK HERE to view last years event.

The entry book was filling up, but you may get lucky with a late entry …


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