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It was the 12th May, we had just recovered from a run of awful weather when I had the immense pleasure of joining the Northamptonshire branch of the GWCT (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust) for their Inter-Shoot Challenge fund raising event.





The event had been cancelled last year due to bad weather and in the past years it had history of running in all kinds inclement conditions, but this year we were blessed. Held at Warren Hill near Glooston in Leicestershire (yes .. a Northamptonshire event in Leicestershire!), a site which not only made the best of the beautiful countryside but presented a great opportunity for some challenging targets. This was very much a simulated game day, and organiser Richard Wright is very keen to emphasize that this event is certainly NOT “just a clay shoot” and that it is a very much a team event run by game shooters for game shooters with a wide variety of targets. To quote Richard:

“Hopefully the word will spread that we are pretty good at simulating wild targets to create a driven day feel and that the beautiful terrain supports this.

We aim to run the event next year and hope to have a full team list so that we can raise plenty of money for the Trust.”

GWCT_Glooston_May13_447It certainly was a great day with plenty of challenging targets, great company, fantastic locally produced food and fine local ale … all supplied free of charge thanks to the generosity of sponsors. So make a date in your diary for next year, if you’re serious about game shooting, it’s certainly one not to miss. The only problem was that with all the photography I did not get a chance to shoot …

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