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The End Of My Shooting Season, All Wrapped Up ... Finally!

Look, I know …

I know that the shooting season ended months ago now, but sometimes it takes me a while to square up all the work from a season, and this week saw the delivery of a very special set of books that winds my season up …. finally!

It was November last year that I made my epic trip to Cornwall to join Dave and his party on the Pill Farm Shoot, in Feock, part of the Trelissick Estate. Pill Farm is an annual pilgrimage for this group, but this year was different, it was a special year, it was Dave’s 50th year.

It turned out to be a wonderful day, surrounded the stunning Cornish countryside, a truly great bunch of guys, some fantastic shooting, horizontal rain all day long, the amazing beach drive and an evening of drying of soggy camera gear on a hotel bed. But all this was fast becoming a distant memory.

Dave was always having a set of books to commemorate this special year at Feock, and the process of designing books is not an overnight exercise for me, but I think that even for me 6 months has to be a record!

But you see, it’s fine, the book design is a collaboration and Dave is a busy man. He was in no rush, the urgency was all mine, so I relaxed into the process and we went at his pace. I steered it, and chivvied it on a little in places and finally we had it done. The book design was complete, it was approved and the order was placed.

And then, a couple of weeks later the DHL man arrives with that large heavy box, and after the obligatory (and rigorous) quality inspection, Dave’s set of books were loaded into the car for that special and personal delivery. Dave’s own 12″x12″ Sporting Folio to take pride of place in the den, and 7 smaller duplicates – perfect mementos of that special shoot day in Cornwall, with special friends.

So that is my 2015/16 shooting season wound up nice and neatly with the completion and delivery of a sizeable set of my newest product, the Sporting Folio. I consider that the perfect conclusion … a little later than normal, but just in time to start planning for the coming season and all the excitement that comes with that.

So, looking forward to Autumn, do you have a special shoot coming up this season? Celebrating a special year or anniversary?

Check out my Sporting Folio – the perfect record of a memorable day’s shooting.

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