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If you were wondering what purpose a set of Photo Storybooks would serve, then look at the following examples that I have supplied to clients, and the varied nature of their requirements. Every client has a very different need and budget, but there are options to suit most of these.

Althorp Shoot

My client was entertaining high level financiers on one of his days at the very prestigious Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire. For such a special day I produced two copies of a large Deluxe Photobook for my client and his business partner, to take pride of place in their gunrooms, and each of the guns was presented with a smaller duplicate Premium Photobook.

Stapleford Park Shoot

At Stapleford my client had invited some key suppliers, colleagues and friends to shoot with him. It was a lower key, more informal day than Althorp, and the budget was subsequently keener. The Syndicate Hardback Books fitted the bill precisely and a set of these was produced, with books going to the guns and the loaders.

Prescombe Farm Shoot

My clients for the Prescombe Shoot were entertaining corporate guests, all associated with the yachting industry. Originally we had discussed supplying the Syndicate Hardbacks, but after my client had seen the new Sporting Folio, and how well suited it is as a sporting memento, the order was changed to supply a set of those instead. One for each of the guns and one for the shoot itself, and as it was a corporate event each contained a branded thank you message from the hosts.

Pill Farm, Feock, Cornwall

My client is based in Northamptonshire and booked me as I was local to him, but the shoot was way down in Feock, near to Truro. This was an annual pilgrimage for him and his group of close friends, but this year was a special year for him. He had just turned 50 and had just had a bit of a health scare (all well now thankfully) and wanted to mark the occasion with the production of a celebratory book.

This meant 3 days in Cornwall for me, so a bit of an outing, and one of the rare occasions that I have used an assistant photographer (in fact, the only time I have used an assistant!). This meant that I came back from the trip with plenty of images, enough to fill 60 pages of this special book.

The client chose my new Sporting Folio, and decided on one main book for his den at 12″ square and a set of 7 smaller copies at 8″ square for each of his guests. This was a significant investment, but it was a very special shoot.

Kedleston Estate Shoot

My client was the wife of the owner of Kedleston Estate Shoot. It was Glynn’s 50th birthday on the last weekend of the season, and he had invited friends to shoot with him on his own shoot for this very special date. The client called me 3 days before the shoot, with the hope that I was available, as she wanted to employ a photographer for this day rather than take the photos herself as she normally does. I was free so it was a pleasure to oblige. It was a pretty local shoot this time, only an hour and a half away. So this was not the expedition that Cornwall was but it was a good shoot, and a productive assignment and a small set of books was produced, one for Glynn himself and the rest for key guests.

So two of my assignments in the 2015/16 season were 50th birthday celebrations, I wonder how many more will be similar in seasons to come. A set of books, or even one special book can be a great way to mark such a landmark celebration.

So whatever the reason for your special shoot …

  • Corporate entertaining.

  • Esteemed guests at a prestigious shoot.

  • Marking an important birthday or significant date.

Contact me to have that day recorded for posterity, presented in the highest quality Photo Storybook.

To check availability, and for a detailed quote:

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