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Do you run a successful commercial game shoot?

Are always looking for ways to add value to your clients?

As a business do you entertain corporate clients with game shooting?

Would you like to present your guests with bespoke, branded corporate shooting gifts afterwards?

Photo Storybooks from Over & Under Sporting Photography are your perfect solution.

High quality images of the day (or days) carefully edited after the event and then cleverly edited into a storybook that will tell the story of the team’s day, represents not only a very special sporting memento but the “cost per gun” can be exceptional value, considering the marketing value of such a product.

These books will be treasured, and looked at over and over again. Not only will guns be able to remember the day fondly but with added bespoke text and branding, they will remember fondly their hosts on the day.

All of which will hopefully bring them back, time and time again.

So reward your esteemed guests with these corporate gifts, offer your paying guns storybooks as an add-on option, or as a commercial shoot perhaps use my storybooks as a tool to “add value” to your shoot days.

However you think that these products can work for your business I would love to discuss all the options with you.

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