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 Here it is, the Deluxe Shoot Book, possibly the best accompaniment to a successful day’s shooting, or season. A totally bespoke product, designed around the images that I capture on your game shoot. The focus is on quality with no compromise, so the pages are printed on photographic paper to display the images to their very best. The pages fold completely flat enabling me to be creative, with no boundaries, as images can be spread across the two pages. The books are professionally bound and presented in a gift box ensuring that they will last a lifetime …. but don’t hide them away, they are there to be looked at and enjoyed!!

My photobook packages include the photography on the day, but you can always order one later if you have purchased a “photography only” package. Duplicates of the books can be ordered at bulk prices as can smaller copies or even miniatures if you are looking for gifts for your beaters and helpers.

See my packages for more information.


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