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The New Bespoke Shoot CentrePiece

When it came to launching my new bespoke product for the more commercial shoots, I knew I had to find the perfect way to photograph it for the website and marketing. It is a truly special, bespoke and completely unique product for each shoot, so it needed to be a pretty unique location for the photo session.

It was for that reason that I found myself in a field of barley, in the middle of Northamptonshire. The weather could only be best described as “fair to middling”. I was lugging an easel, cameras, and a large, beautifully and imaginatively created Shoot CentrePiece up the bridleway. Thankfully it was not a busy day for walkers!

So here it is ladies and gentlemen … the Truly Bespoke Shoot Centrepiece!

Read all about it HERE or come and visit me on the GWCT stand at the 2017 Game Fair at Hatfield House to see it in full glory!

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