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I had the great pleasure in delivering some very special sporting prints to a very special client recently.

Sporting PrintsI had the great pleasure in attending a shoot at the Althorp Estate last winter (see my earlier post). Not only was it a great shoot but it was a true honour, as photographers are rarely allowed to work on the estate. The main purpose of the commission was to produce some top quality photobooks for the honoured guests of my client, and these were actually finished not long after the shoot. The client, however, expressed an interest in some framed prints but as often happens, life happens and we never got around to making that final selection.

Daybreak On A Game Shoot
Well, we got there in the end, the centrepiece for the set was always a given – a stunning vista, through the trees of the estate, with the sheep grazing in the early morning light. The two side pieces were a greater challenge to decide upon. In the end it was all about the house and the grounds so we decided to include two images that tied in the house to the shoot, and what we achieved was a truly bespoke, finely crafted, personally selected and unique framed images from what was a a pretty unique day.


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