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Premium Shoot BookThe Premium Shoot Book is the icing on the cake to a great days shooting. The “baby brother” to the larger Deluxe Shoot Book, but no less care or craftsmanship goes into production of this bespoke product.

Shoot BookSmaller it may be, but the Premium Shoot Book is produced to the same high quality as the the deluxe, but is perhaps more “accessible” than it’s larger brother, making it the perfect solution for those looking to present gifts to a team of guns or corporate clients. Photographically printed pages will give your images all the impact they deserve, and the fold-flat pages give the creative flexibility to spread the images almost seamlessly over two pages.

_1JF8622The books come in two formats – either 8″x6″ or 8″x8″ – that again extends my creative options. Digital copies are available, giving you more cost options when building a set of books. As with the Deluxe Shoot Book sets of mini-books are available also as miniature duplicates of the main book.

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For the finer details of how much this all costs, please take a look at my PRICES.

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