Game Shoot Photography, From Peg To Coffee Table

Stunning images of your shoot day, printed perfectly and beautifully bound. Photo Storybooks that will stand the test of time.

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World English Sporting Championships

It was a real pleasure to be at EJ Churchills shooting the World English Sporting Championships for the CPSA's Pull! Magazine this year, because it was a bit of a homecoming for me. I was brought up in Hazlemere, which is just north of High Wycombe, I then lived at...
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What Would You Do With A Set Of Photo Storybooks?

If you were wondering what purpose a set of Photo Storybooks would serve, then look at the following examples that I have supplied to clients, and the varied nature of their requirements. Every client has a very different need and budget, but there are options to suit...
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My Shooting Season, All Wrapped Up … Eventually!

Look, I know ...I know that the shooting season ended months ago now, but sometimes it takes me a while to square up all the work from a season, and this week saw the delivery of a very special set of books that winds my season up .... finally! It was November last...
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Commercial Game Shoots and Corporate Shooting Gifts

Do you run a successful commercial game shoot?Are always looking for ways to add value to your clients?As a business do you entertain corporate clients with game shooting?Would you like to present your guests with bespoke, branded corporate shooting gifts...
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Game Shoot Photography – Camera Advice

I have been asked a number of times, advice on "which camera is best for game shooting and/or wildlife photography?" It's come up enough times now that I thought I should add it to the blog in case I get asked again. However it's not an easy question to answer - in...
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The New Sporting Folio

Introducing my new Sporting Folio. Bound in distressed leather this has been received so well by shooters that I have introduced to it. It is so in keeping with traditional sporting paraphernalia I think that this represents the perfect shooting accessory.   The...
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Now Offering Game Shoot Invitations

Game Shoot Invitations It actually wasn't my idea originally. I have been talking with a client about an upcoming shoot, and he asked me "do you know how I can get some invitations printed?" Not something I've been asked about before in the context of game shooting...
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CLA Game Fair Report 2015, but what for the future?

My report on the CLA Game Fair 2015 is later than intended this year. No other reason than other things got in the way really, but it seems almost fate when you consider the news that reaches us this week, but more of that later.This year we were hosted by Harewood...
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Partridge vs Pheasant ?

[et_pb_row] Which Is Smarter? Partridge or Pheasant? Perhaps not one of the shooting worlds most pressing questions but nonetheless on the way to clay shooting at the weekend I was able to conduct this highly technical and extremely scientific assessment to bring you...
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No sex please, we’re shooting

Cheap trick I know ... get "sex" in the title ... but it got your attention right?I do have a serious point to make, but I'll get to that, first let me introduce you to my second time visit to the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club Conference ..."Bun Club" is the creation...
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